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Important Policy Update regarding Inappropriate Content


  • Support: loveforyou98, we have 7 images in our album, and none of them are women tied up.
  • worksHardToPlease2: Oh this site just keeps getting better
  • lincolnstrong82: Wow...Just wow.
  • ThisSassyLady: Q notice it’s all the MEN upset and worried over the new rules    I like the new rules     
  • Unquenchable: Sassy, there is a BIG difference between Daddy kink and sadistic BDSM practices. We are not trying to remove kink.. it is about having no tolerance on violence, abuse and trafficking.
  • 5RK8: THANK YOU! It was getting ridiculous in here with the questionable content. Knowing who’s in it for fun and pleasure was getting blurred by those in it for monetary gain. People who can’t see the dangers in allowing the criminal element to go unchecked can search out more accommodative sites and hope they aren’t contributing to human suffering and pray they don’t get stung. Good move Fuckbook.
  • BigBazza: Out of curiosity, do handcuffs count as a bondage device? Because they could, but they are also very fun and light hearted bondage? Also, you have them as an emoji? 
  • Lilith7948: I disgust abuse in any kind, but I love submissive and dominant roleplaying, where is the line between abuse and roleplaying in pictures?
  • Support: To be clear, we are not interested in removing soft kink. Yes, as you say BigBazza a pair of handcuffs aren't necessarily extreme or violent. The context is important, does the image/scenario contain violence? hurt? does it appear non consensual? We will not be removing handcuffs if they are not in the setting of extreme bdsm. Lilith7948, thanks for your question. Daddy kink and some sub/dom roleplay will be allowed, what won't be allowed … extreme BDSM containing violence, hurt or roleplaying illegal activities, such as ra/pe.
  • Spermaschleuder83: Kind regards from me, I respect the new rules, but like Lilith said... From my point you should improve your filters (sad enough). Still you are unable to remove fake profiles with almost the same profile pictures even ten times. Or you got 100 People from a city, which has much less residents. Beside I Support your Idea and Statement, but that stupid filters couldn't be the solution... Hoppefully you won't get that wrong.
  • BigBazza: Makes a lot of sense and sounds like a practical solution 🤞 it improves everyone’s experience @Support 👍💙
  • whitedaddy4u181: I personally think this is a great thing ... there's too much bad stuff going on in the world like young women being taken and traffic'd by a criminal element ... this is supposed to be a fun place and blocking those kind of hard core items from here is welcomed
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