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Search Bug

We are aware there may be an issue or bug currently related to our search function which is affecting some members.

We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

  • Naomi-bi: Thank you. Maybe you can look as well to a problem I have. There are profiles, mostly men from Amsterdam , that can add me as a friend, they are on my friends list but I didn’t added them.
  • Baetmaen93: maybe you could look why the "popular" feed isn't updating since yesterday, too?
  • roostermike2: Thank you - but pls check out naomi-bi's problem which has sometimes happened to me too
  • YarmouthAndy: Think you may have a multiple bug at present, feed has ground to a halt since early Saturday, Online members not correctly showing on home page, and search feature also has a bug in it. Just hope you havent been infected with a Phishing virus, that has hit other adult based websites.
  • 999999aaaa: tk
  • Sevnik: A bug, its not showing ANY updates for images or profiles
  • innerpink4: Yep ...What a bummer. ...
  • Firnasdear: Hi I am new user from yesterday no body come chat me. Some people added me but not reply to my message please help anybody 
  • Support: For best results search profiles that are online or recently online, so you can connect with active members.
  • gracy9111: Hi I m sorry if I don't meet the requirements of fucking before marriage because I want fuck in marriage also only
  • Juanpersan: It's running again. I canot update the search. always the same page, the same people