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Improvements Update - Other genders

Thanks to all members who took the time to give really helpful feedback on what improvements you would like to see on our website.

We have gathered a list and will be working to bring some of these to our site in the upcoming weeks and months.

We heard from our Transgender community that they wanted to be recognized as their own gender.

So we want to hear again from you again, what gender would you associate with best? Trans Male, Trans Female, SheMale, Other?

If you are in this community of members we hope to hear from you. Tell us what details you would like to see so we can make this the best experience possible for you.

  • TransGirl-Lu: They are not no your right, Thats a fetish, Trans gendered is completely different. A Trans gender option would be amazing . Trans female, Trans male is fine, Shemale can be considered an insult to most nowadays, has gotten a bad stigma surrounding the label. This is just my opinion but id like to think im far from alone in believing this.
  • CozmoQween2900: Their own gender? In case you didn't know a transgender man is a MAN and a transgender woman is a WOMAN. And don't forget those that identify with neither.
  • HotK: Baby steps guys... One victory at a time... Let's take this win and keep working from there... Fuckbook is all about inclusion, we want everyone to feel welcome and accepted. Great initiative Support!
  • BlaquePorcelainDoll: Improve By Helping Us Keep Out The UnWanted Traffic. Like Setting Messages To Options. Public, Friends,Not Receiving Messages. Im Tired of Pop up Dicks and wore out pussies in my inbox lets be real ok?
  • getchn: Just the word "Transgender" in gender
  • Davsdicksinu: YIOUR A SAD UNLESS SITE
  • Davsdicksinu: how do i sign in
  • gaurinn84: No safaty for my ok!!!
  • Ownedslaveslut: To be honest, knowing what a person identifies as is important, but I would also like to know what I'm going to be dealing with down there, if we get to the bedroom. Basically, do it the same way … does it by labeling as MtF or FtM. Provides most all the information I need to help make a sex with that person good.
  • havemenow34: more crossdressers and transgender females please thats what i am
  • Dances_With_Vulvas: Anything happening here? I would love to finally get these men in female attire out of my feed- after years... And make them pay, too. Or make verification for free profiles mandatory. Stop the discrimination please. Thanks!